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Wednesday, September 9, 2009'♥

Hi All.

It has been long and blogger, still the same annoying you.

Anyway, i have actually left here, but i thought of doing a proper farewell.

I've been good.
Had a lot of meet-ups with wonderful friends. And it meant a lot to me.
Thank you, all. Especially the Riversidians. :)

Anyway, i'm needing a new convenient page, where only a few friends will know of.
I need a place to pour my guts out and not feel inferior or insensitive to others, since many read here.
Not that i'm scared but it is just uncomfortable for me.
So, goodbye here.

Other than that, Haziqah has a Twitter! For now, that's the only place to update her daily mundane life.

See ya around!

Much much love - Nur Haziqah Zainol

p.s. I will bring Ari Hakikat wherever i go, so, he's leaving here too. Haha. :)

With Love, 10:55 PM

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